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Dr Jessyca Rowe (Chiropractor)

Jess-RoweJessyca completed a 5-year double degree at Murdoch University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic and Bachelor of Chiropractic. She has worked with a wide age spectrum of patients from infant to late elderly aged since graduating, to help with a variety of conditions such as acute to chronic musculoskeletal conditions and injuries of the spine and extremities, stress-induced postural correction, headaches and wellness care. She has completed postgraduate studies in Sydney in pregnancy and infant chiropractic care, having a passion in helping families.

Jessyca has taken a particular interest in the effects daily and emotional stressors have on the nervous system and the consequential effects this has on posture, which can lead to various issues such as chronic muscle tension, chronic pain conditions, chronic headaches, lower back pain, altered responses to pain and sleep and digestive disruption. She is currently undergoing study in the field of Functional Neurology and has been working within this field since graduation. Her chiropractic approach to care embodies a holistic, biophysiological model to address the physical pain and problem by considering the multiple facets of our health that contributes to the presenting pain.

Jessyca has developed a unique style of care to encompass chiropractic adjustments of both low and high grade force tailored to the individual, soft tissue therapy, specific adjustment work aimed at unwinding and balancing the nervous system and addressing diet, sleep patterns, exercise and lifestyle to develop a management care plan individualized to each patient to see them find the best results of their care long term.


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