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Perth CBD Chiropractor for Complete Care

Welcome to Central City Chiropractic

At Central City Chiropractic, our Chiropractors offer an evidence-based approach to natural healthcare that focuses on getting you results. Our immediate priority is on alleviating your discomfort, then working to maintain that relief in the long term.

Graphics of knee, nerve and brainWhy Choose Chiropractic?

There are numerous forms of stress present in today’s world that can affect you in mind and body.


May include slips and falls from childhood until today, car accidents, sitting at a desk or standing all day, and even the birth process itself, which can negatively affect your spine or nervous system.


An intake of alcohol, sugar, preservatives, toxins and environmental pollutants, upsetting your body’s chemistry and disrupting muscles and ligaments.


Pressures from work or your relationships can tighten your entire body, which, over time, can result in physiological changes.