Stiff Neck

Stiff necks are one of the most common conditions treated by chiropractors around the world. Everyone at some point in their lives experience neck stiffness, sometimes associated with arm pain or headaches. Typically this is from repetitive use, an accident, wear and tear€, bad posture or stress.

This can lead to tension in structures around the neck including muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves and discs. Identifying the cause and providing the appropriate treatment is necessary to prevent further damage to those areas.Painful shoulders, arms and upper back can be caused by a stiff neck. Muscle spasm in the neck can also lead to aches and stiffness to the surrounding shoulders and arms. Sometimes a pinched nerve from a disc injury in the neck can cause numbness and weakness in the arm and shoulder.

Wear and tear we associate with getting older, the body gets weaker and degeneration in the bones and joints occur. The associated stiffness is treatable with chiropractic and although degeneration cannot be reversed, increased mobility and quality of life is still possible.It is best not to ignore stiffness and pain in the neck or anywhere else, as it could lead to chronic problems later on.

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