Low Back Pain Treatment in Perth

Low back pain is very common in Perth, with 4 in 5 Australians experiencing lower back pain throughout their lives. When present, it can cause significant disruption to daily activities, often causing people to miss work, sporting or social commitments.There are many different causes of low back pain. Muscles, nerves and joints of both your low back and pelvis may all be responsible for the pain you are experiencing.

Most episodes of low back pain develop as a result of everyday wear and tear. Poor posture and inactivity can lead to your low back becoming more susceptible to injury. This may result in the gradual or sudden onset of low back pain.Other common causes of lower back pain include heavy lifting (or lifting in a twisted or unusual angle), gardening or any other type of repeated bending. Sports injuries are also a common cause of lower back pain, this may be due to either incorrect technique in golf, tennis or swimming, repeated Har Vokse bending (eg rowing or bowling in cricket) or poor core muscles relative to the demands of an activity (eg, gymnastics, ballet, jogging etc).

Our team of Chiropractors at Central City Chiropractic are highly experienced in the treatment of low back pain. After determining the source of your pain your chiropractor will develop a treatment plan tailored to get you out of pain and also minimise the chance of recurrence. Your treatment may comprise the use of spinal manipulation or mobilisation as well as the use of soft tissue modalities including dry needling, trigger point therapy or massage. Quite often your chiropractor will provide you with exercises and other home advice in order to speed up your recovery and strengthen your low back and core muscles.

Our team of Chiropractors in the Perth CBD are committed to decreasing the disruption that low back pain is having on your life.1.Walker BF, Muller R, Grant WD: Low back pain in Australian adults: prevalence and associated disability.J Manipulative Physiol Ther 2004, 27(4):238-244