Neck pain and posture

Cervicogenic headaches are sescribed as any type of head pain which is referred from bones, joints, ligaments, tendons or nerves in the neck. Headaches often result following injury to the neck, whiplash from a car accident or sporting injuries that cause the neck to suddenly move as well as direct trauma like boxing or rugby, but they can also occur without any causes. It is estimated that 18% of the population will at some stage suffer or experience cervicogenic headaches, with their presence being a little higher in females.

Someone experiencing cervicogenic headaches will usually come to our chiropractic clinic in Perth with a one sided head pain felt at the base of the skull and/ or neck, possibly following a trauma. Sometimes the pain may also radiate up into their forehead, temples, just above or into the eyes or even their ears. They will usually relate that their headaches feel worse with certain neck motions, or that activities that require a sustained and awkward position of their neck increase the pain or discomfort. This can include things such as looking up to watch fireworks, cleaning above the head or painting a high wall or ceiling. working underneath a car or dentists looking into a mouth can also report the same discomfort.One of the important things about diagnosing a cervicogenic headach is to exclude other types of pain in the head including migraines, blood pressure problems, serious pathology of the brain, meningitis etc.Our Chiropractors in the Perth CBD are extensively trained in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches. Whilst performing their history and examination they will gather enough evidence to rule out the more serious causes of headaches and look for signs to demonstrate a cervical origin. Some of the things to look for include things reduced neck range of motion, joint dysfunction or stiffness, swelling and / or and muscle spasm.

A recent review of the literature surrounding the treatment of cervicogenic headaches with chiropractic treatment concluded that Chiropractic is very effective in the treatment of those headaches.

Our chiropractors at Central City Chiropractic are all experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of headaches. They utilise spinal manipulative therapy, muscle work including massage and trigger point therapy, posture correction and home exercises into their overall management of cervicogenic headache patients. We also like to make sure that once the headache is treated, we reduce the chance of if returning by looking at the original causes and addressing them.
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