Leonie Henderson

Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine

Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy Leonie has had a keen interest in people health with the use of food, herbs and complimentary therapies from an early age which was inspired by her Grandparents simple home remedies. This guided her to study Naturopathy. Her career took a diversion and it was when she had children that time allowed her to follow her true passion and resume studies in complementary therapies. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge from comprehensive training in the latest natural remedies that are supported by evidence based research studies. With this knowledge and vast experience, Leonie seeks to apply it in her clinic to assist and educate others in achieving their health goals.

Using a combination of functional testing, extensive questioning and observations, Leonie applies the philosophy of natural medicine, care and understanding to help target the dis-ease. From this information and research a treatment plan is designed especially for that person. Sometimes it may only take a few minor adjustments along with some alternate lifestyle choices to achieve optimal health.